Query to count and order alphabetically


need a help with an exercise, i’ve been trying but with no success so far.

1 BD with 2 tables: continents, and countries

continents has id_cont, name_cont, pop_cont, area_cont, dens_cont;

countries has id_country, name_contry, pop_coutry, area_country, desn_pop_country, and id_cont;

need a few queries:
1 - list of countries and respective continents, ordered alphabetically by continent and afterwards by country;
2 - average population of europe (pop_count)
3 - count how many countries has each continente, ordered from the biggest to smallest

any help would be much appreciated. i know the theory but can’t put it to practice… :\

hi r937, i know you are out there :slight_smile: ehehehe

sorry, i don’t do homework assignments :smiley:

do a search for mysql world database – lots of sample queries lying around on teh interwebs

ehehe, not a homework but thanks for the help :slight_smile: