Query is acting strange

I am trying to display the results from a mysql table

Heres the query which should display the results

SELECT contents.entity_id, contents.entity_type, contents.rack_id, contents.entity_x_pos, contents.entity_y_pos, contents.rack_id, contents.entity_width, contents.entity_height, contents.entity_title, contents.enabled, racks.title, racks.enabled FROM contents INNER JOIN racks ON racks.rack_id = contents.rack_id WHERE contents.location = 'Comms Room' AND (racks.enabled = 1 OR contents.enabled = 1)

which produces,

why does it produce 2 of every rack?
If I want it to display only each unique rack should I use UNIQUE()?

nvm, my table was duplicated

you should still try to use UNIQUE() on it

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