Query 3 tables to retrieve fields value and display table in a page


Im new to mysql…i want to know how to generate daily reports for all employees

i created 3 tables with fields

employee table:emp_id,name
job table:job_id,job_name
activity table:act_id,emp_name,job_name,date,activity done(assigned values as email,phonecall,visits)

Daily Activity Report : (Employee ID, Emp Name,Jobs Name, Activity Done)
Eg: 1.| Date | Rajeev | Income Tax Filing | Phone Call
Options to Select : 1. Which Date (Required - Not Null) 2. Employee Name,
if Employee Name not selected, then the list of Activities for that day for all Employees.

How to write query

this is a homework assignment, isn’t it

what have you tried so far?

The third table is not correct. You are using the employee name and job name as foreign keys to the employees and jobs table, instead you should be using the employee id and job id.