Queensland, Australia flood disaster

Sorry everyone if there is already a post on what Queensland is going through right now. 16 dead, more than 50 missing, countless thousands of businesses and homes are underwater right now. More than 75% of queensland is now flood affected and to give you some comparison… that’s an area a heap bigger than France & Germany put together.
All the latest news you’ll find around the news sites and at the Queensland Government site

If you can help with a donation, the government site is the place to do it.
Myself and Neil are fortunate, we’re just thirty minutes drive away from the flood waters, but are constantly in touch with friends and family in various of the flood areas.
Most of south east queensland is without power (estimated 100,000 homes). If it didn’t fail, it’s been swtiched off for safety reasons.
There’s been some really heartwarming stories already of strangers stepping in to help a stressed out homeowner trying to evacuate their home.
A lot of the Brisband cbd is underwater too.
There’s another high tide overnight which everyone is very worried about. But it should start subsiding in Brisbane after that.
The cleanup and rebuild is going to be horrendous… homes and businesses. And take years.
Again, if you can help, the site above is the place to go.
And thank you.

I whole heartedly support Christine R’s appeal.

I was involved in the recovery effort of the Victorian Black Saturday Bushfires nearly 2 years ago now where 173 (from memory) lives were lost and 2000+ homes were burnt down. Although the bushfire property damage (horrendous in itself) was not as extensive as the current flood damage, I can well understand what those affected by the floods will be going through for the next 6-12 months and a lot longer for some.

If you haven’t already done so and can help, please do.