Quark files to Photoshop?

I will be receiving some files from a client that were created in Quark Express. I use Photoshop – is there a way I can import them to PS?



WHy would you be doing that? For what reason? Quark files are layout files, photoshop is an image editing software. If the Quark file contains images then you should find them in an image folder. Quark links to images from a folder. Open those images and edit them and save it back in the same folder with the same name and type (tiff or whatever) and it will be updated in Quark.

Unless there is some other reason, i don’t see why you should open Quark files in photoshop.

If it was a print project you need to convert to web, save as an EPS and then open it in photoshop.

Conradical -

I guess that was the answer I needed. I was not aware just what the “structure” was with the Quark files - so, if I understand correctly, the Quark files themselves are of no interest to me, and I will find the various images available to me in seperate image files?

Can you tell me what format I might expect to find those files in?

Thanks again.


It depends on the client. I would save it as tiffs but if your client had reasons to save it otherwise, it could be some other format. Nonetheless, yet editable in photoshop.

The thing is, the linked image will not be the same as the final ouptut from Quark. The designer might have created the image and then linked it in Quark and then added text in Quark. So if you edited the image from the linked folder, you’d be lacking the text that was entered in Quark.

The best option, to make sure you get the final output version, save as eps (or export, not sure about quark) make sure you go through the options about ‘embedding’ image, if any and then open that file in photoshop.


I will not have the Quark software - just the files provided to me. Will the graphic files be in a format I can open in Photoshop, or is the Quark software person going to have to save this files in a specific format for me?


Well if you don’t have quark and the files are sent to you in quark, then like I said, if you open the image files, you might not be seeing the FINAL output.

Have the client save it as eps and send it to you. Not sure about ifran[url=“http://www.irfanview.com/”] view opens quark files though, you could try that and grab a screen shot.

The best option is having them send you the EPS or the exported TIFF. Or download a 30 day trial of Quark and solve the problem! Make sure you install any fonts they sent so there wouldn’t be any discrepancies with fonts.

conradical is correct Quark only links and does not embedd, if there are images in the quark document and you can’t find them, chances are they were not sent. Get you client to send you a PDF comp as well that way you will know what output looks like. The only other way as conradical said is eps format but that is filled with danger for the new user as it will not send the fonts and it does some crappy image thing as well.

The files for quark will most likely be tiff so PS can open those.

Thanks everyone - when I receive the files I will have an idea what to do, but I thought I would ask here first to get an understanding of it.