Quality or Quantity?

Please define.

Quality is important. We should always focus on quality not in quantity. Quality always give you + in search engine ranking.

In Quality:- Let’s assume that at minimum the content you will create meets the minimum standards of quality. While that may mean different things to different people let’s just agree that the minimum threshold of quality is not remarkable content but it is not horrible either. It is middle of the road.

In Quantity:-The quantity camp believes that each blog post is like a lottery ticket and the more lottery tickets you have, the better your changes are at winning your lottery. Through sheer volume you will begin to attract more eyeballs in search engines, social networks, and the shareability factor. They argue that not every post is going to be earth shattering news, ground breaking, or identifying a new trend.

I would always vote for quality. Quantity will never bring any benefits, but quality will. If you are doing directory submission, then submitting in 10 directories which are of high quality will be beneficial but if you are doing it for 100 directories which are full of spam and don’t have any rankings, it may bring a reverse effect. If you are writing article for article directory and you are submitting the same article in 10 directories, it will be most probably marked as a duplicate content and you may get penalized for duplication of content but if you submit one article in one directory, it will count worth and also bring quality backlink for your website.

Quality is something that really matter in SEO because everyone is looking for quality even search engine appreciate good quality content.
Quantity is as important as Quality for SEO. Quantity can be described as number of back links.

Overall quality and quantity depends completely on the context of your website. At times both work well together so if you are building a quality website you need to take care of both quality and quantity in a perfect threshold limit.

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