Quality links for landing page site?

How could I get high-quality backlinks for " landing page " related website?

With great difficulty, I’d have thought - unless I’ve misunderstood what you mean by a

High-quality links are those you earn, by having high-quality content that other sites choose to link to. That’s not something I associate with “landing-page sites”, but perhaps you could explain in a bit more detail the kind of content you have.


Well, one thing you can do is to answer questions on Quora or FB groups. And within that answer injecting that link back to your landing page/website.

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Links which you place yourself are not considered “quality” by search engines, and will do you little good. Moreover, reputable sites (such as SitePoint) mark user-submitted links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, so they will have no SEO benefit.

Creating links with the intention of manipulation search ranking is a violation of the TOS of all the major search engines and may result in penalties against your site.



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We’ll have to agree to disagree on this.
I’ve brought in hundreds if not thousands of traffic to an article through using social media link drops including Quora, FB groups, LinkedIn, etc.

And don’t forget about using HARO, where a high DA site can link back to your website.
Quality link.

I’m not sure about your rules.
I can only tell you what’s worked for me in the past and present.

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I won’t disagree that such links can bring traffic.

However, the OP has tagged his topic “SEO”, so I have answered from that perspective.

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Thats correct… nice clarification…