Qs about in-site search & web languages

I would like to know a few things in web design.

I’ll be designing my Mum’s website, and would like to know a few things.

1\ Do I need to learn any other languages other than HTML & CSS (which I’ve learned part of through tutorials) if she’ll be wanting to have 2-3 kinds of memberships on the site?

2\ Also, what is the best way to include a customized in-site search engine?

I hope that I’ve posted this thread in the right place.

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You can use all of these programs with Dreamweaver. The big advantage of Coldfusion is though that it is, just like Dreamweaver, an Adobe program, so Dreamweaver has a lot of build in ColdFusion features

Regarding databases: I alway use mySql but I know a lot of people using MS SQL.

Thanks for the information, donboe :slight_smile:

Another question,
Can I design such a site (PHP, Coldfusion, ASP …) in Dreamweaver?

Also, what are the different kinds of databases available?

Sorry if I’m full of too many questions, but I’m a beginner and have no clear ideas about this stuff.

For this you need knowledge about server site scripting (PHP, Coldfusion, ASP …)

This depends what kind of database you’re planning to work with and again server site scripting is involved. Most of these programs have their customize search tool

A lot of people use PHP because it’s free. Basically, the programs mentioned before (PHP, ASP, Coldfusion) are, to say it simple, programs that are interacting with the Database (MS SQL, MySql, Access, …etc). So it would be a wise start, since you already up to speed with HTML and CSS, to read into these subjects. There are a lot of good tutorials here on Sitepoint and there are very good books available as well. You will notice that the start will be a tough one but when you start to understand the principles it can be very satisfying. And if there are things you don’t know or need help with, just visit Sitepoint :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, donboe. You helped me a lot = )

I heard about MySQL & PHP and the others, but I didn’t know how they work exactly.

Thanks again.