QR code reading from HTML - Dmitri Lau - sitepoint's JavaScript/CSS/HTML5

There is a sitepoint website on the subject of reading QR codes on your phone from an HTML website.
Written by Dmitri Lau

I can run that sitepoint website from my phone browser and it will turn on my camera and recognize and return the string from a QR code.

I would like to connect with Dmitri Lau or anyone who has copied his example and used it themselves.

Thanks! Jay

This is the Sitepoint’s article that I have a question about.

He has a bunch of social media links at the bottom of the article - perhaps try via one of those maybe?

Thank you Chris! I’ll give that a shot. I did try to reach him through LInkedIn last Monday.
P.S. I did try his links but many are ones he has joined but show no activity by him.

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