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Hello everyone. I’ve been reading through SitePoint’s articles from a long time but today I’ve decided to reg myself in the community part.

I’ve checked through the different forum categories and found out that Quality Assurance/Testing category is missing (or I am unable to find it :smiley: )

As I’m working as QA engineer I think it will be useful for some users that want to start using automation test and improve their website.

This is only a suggestion and I’m sorry if it was discussed before.

Welcome to the forums :wave:

It is a fair suggestion and I’ll bring it to @jasmine’s and @ralphm’s attention,

I’m not quite sure if it would have enough traffic for such a category though. Many of our members come from small compaies or are freelancers so keeping up with quality or accessibility is hard for them.

But I think that it is an area that most of us ignore but that should be more aware of it and understand better.

I’d be glad to be wrong and find out that many of our members do care about QA and Testing.

Hi Kolev. It’s fine to post something like that in the General Web category. If lots of topics on this area start to appear, it might obviously indicate that a separate category is needed. A fallback option is to tag topics. At this stage, there isn’t an obvious need for that, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick responses.

Let’s hope for more people to become interested in testing their sites.

There has been a few questions but not many so you may want to take the lead and start raising awareness yourself. I’m sure that you read some interesting articles or posts about the subject and I’m sure that there are people interested out there. Me being one of them :smiley:

First off, welcome to the forums @Kolev it’s great to have you here :smile:

As @ralphm and @molona mentioned, we unfortunately don’t have enough topics to make Q/A a category, but it is an incredibly valuable topic and I think many of our forum members would value your expertise on the subject and will be involved in it as well. Start a couple of categories in our general web dev category, and let’s see what happens :slight_smile: if there are enough threads on the subject we can make it a category.

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