Q/A site moderation help needed


So I am managing a Q/A community on a mobile portal. Since it is the page of the mobile carrier, we get huge traffic?(2000 questions/day) and so moderation becomes very important. We have guys who are moderating the community from 9 am to 6 pm but that hasn’t helped.


  1. Users posting in wrong categories despite several warnings and notification.

  2. Users chatting and just chatting. So we get 70% chat and 30% relevant questions.

  3. users creating new useless threads since we dont allow users to post more than once in a thread.

What I want:

Users to post in the appropriate categories and quality content. We have a sections where we are writing articles and quality content but the UGC is poor.
Any inputs will be appreciated.

Interesting question, CarlZ.

This is the same issue we face here, and it basically takes a lot of work to moderate the site and keep things humming along nicely.

To aid in the process, I guess you need to make the interface as clear and usable as possible, to give visitors the best chance of using the site appropriately.

we dont allow users to post more than once in a thread.

That sounds odd to me. Surely the point of a thread is to be able to ask/answer questions, clarify points etc. What’s the thinking behind that decision?

Actually, that’s the call by our management. We started it an year back as a Q/A community like Yahoo answers. So at the moment we have to utilize what all we have.