Python scripts on windows

Is there a way in which a novice can use a python script on a window such as this one.

I’m not sure if I’ve quite understood the question, but if you want to run a Python script in Windows, you’ll need to download and install Python -

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Just like the Wamp Server?

Not really. Python can be run standalone or as a server-side process. Either way you need to download Python first.

Setting up Python to run under Wamp Server is a bit convoluted as it requires installing an Apache module. There’s a description here. Not to be done on an empty stomach :rofl:

Installed Python on windows. Could not understand what should I do now.

One way is to select the file you want to run, right mouse click, select Edit with IDLE > Edit with IDLE 3.7 (or whatever). Then when you have it in IDLE, press F5 to run it. Simply opening it in Python may close the window before you see the results.

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Thanks. how to handle this part. Can you please guide me further →


Script uses Beautiful Soup 4 and youtube-dl. You can install them with commands:

sudo pip3 install youtube-dl

sudo pip3 install beautifulsoup4

For more info on installation visit their respective web pages.

Those look like Linux commands to me.

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