Python Interview Question

Hi this is Palak Sharma.
I am an engineering student. I like doing coding in different programming languages. Python is my favorite programming language.
From next month I have to attend some interview questions therefore I need some interview question idea with some tips for cracking interview, can anyone give their suggestion on this.
Hoping for some positive responses.

There is a book called “Cracking the coding interview” (you can find a copy of it as a pdf online for free if you search wisely). It has 189 interview questions for coders. Below is then a link to those questions written as Python code answers…

Good luck with the interviews. :slight_smile:



Here are some of the questions you can prepare for the Python interview:

  1. How to debug a Python program?
  2. What is Keyword in Python?
  3. What is a NumPy array?
  4. What is a negative index in Python?
  5. How do you Concatenate Strings in Python?
  6. How to count the occurrences of a particular element in the list?
  7. How to convert a list into a string?
  8. How to convert a list into a tuple?
  9. How to convert a list into a set?
  10. How to create an Empty NumPy Array In Python?
  11. What is a negative index in Python?

When you get the question to solve consider asking the following questions which would ease out your solution:

  • How big is the size of the input?
  • How big is the range of values?
  • What kind of values are there? Are there negative numbers? Floating points? Will there be empty inputs?
  • Are there duplicates within the input?
  • What are some extreme cases of the input?
  • How is the input stored? If you are given a dictionary of words, is it a list of strings or a trie?

Prepare for these kinds of questions and you’ll ace your interview.
Good Luck!


One of the most widely used programming languages today, Python is a top pick for both experienced programmers and newbies since it has applications in practically every field, from Web development to data science.
The link to such inquiries, which are written as Python Interview questions, is below.
The Ultimate Guide to Python Interview Questions and Answers

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Hi everyone
Thanks a lot @markanderson @prachiboardinfinity and all who response me for you kind response on this.
Well one of my friend share me a post which was really helpful for me. Almost 40% topic I covered from here. I have prepare from some other places also which really helps me to clear my interview.
Hoping for such kind of responses in future also.

As the OP has left us, it seems pointless to offer any further suggestions. Thanks to everyone who contributed.