Pyramid Code in PHP?

I want to know the difference here with the two codes: The first one is short but the same output came with the second code, I only see the design difference.

for ($i=5;$i>=1;$i–){
echo str_repeat(“*”, “$i”);
echo ‘

echo “


echo "* ";
echo “


you can code that even without a loop:

$arr = array_map(function ($num) {
    return str_repeat('*', $num);
}, range(1, 5));

echo implode(PHP_EOL, array_reverse($arr));

The only difference is that one block uses a short cut for the loop that the other doesn’t use.

str_repeat repeats a string by the number of times specified

So, this line

echo str_repeat("*", "$i");

does almost the same thing as this block of code (I say almost because the values echoed aren’t the same),

   echo "* ";

The difference is the str_repeat does it all at once where the loop will do it one block at a time…

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Right, so I should go with natural way of looping instead of shortcut str_repeat?

Didn’t say that - in this case, it’s two approaches to solve the same problem.

If all you want to do is repeat the same text X number of times, then str_repeat is the perfect vehicle to use. If, however, you would want to repeat the text X number of times, but change every 3rd character to a number and every 8th character to an exclamation point, and every 2nd letter out of every 10th group of 20 characters, then str_replace may not be the best approach. At that time, a separate loop would be more appropriate because it can give you more granular control.

Use the best tool (or block of code) for the right situation…


Understood… Thanks for the explanation :smiley:

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