Put a positive spin on low traffic for start-up

How would you put a positive spin on the fact that your start-up web site has low traffic currently, when asking people to contribute content or advertise?

I couldn’t agree more! Keep the faith. “To thine own self be true.”

It starts with Integrity, the most consistent characteristic among the super-successful. That ensures correct Vision, from which come the only effective goals. If these are in focus and in proper organization, the motivation does come… even if it takes and hour or two to wake up in the morning. :wink:

Give people your 6 month marketing plan and where you see your website in the near future. If they know you are serious about what you are doing they will contribute if it helps them out as well.

I simply would encourage people to contribute because their contributions would lead to a more useful web site.

Encourage them that they can add value to the site.

Keep pushing and promoting your site. The people will come.

If not sure if this will work, because I just did it a day or so ago. But…

I recently started a home improvement blog. We just bought a first home and we are gutting the entire thing and remodeling it. Being a blogger, I thought “wow” this is a great chance. I had my friends and family spread the word on Facebook so that did bring me some traffic. I am also gearing up to submit to article directories and participate in blog sites like Blog Catalog.

It is hard to market a start-up site or product, but you don’t want to not have advertising opportunities listed either.

What I did was create an “Advertising” page. I did a three reasons why you should advertise.

1 - I’m An Internet Marketer: I outright state on my site that my blog is brand new and just getting started. However, I am a full-time blogger and internet marketer. Therefore, I know how to generate traffic. Basically, I wrote “I’m in the process of gearing up my internet marketing campaign and you want to be on board for the traffic spike.”

2 - Your options: I have multiple options for advertisers. They can do a text link, banner link, sponsored post, and so forth. I also state they can provide a giveaway item on the site as well.

3 - Themed site: I will only be talking about home improvement and home related topics - it won’t be a free for all site. It will be their targeted market reading updates and new posts.

Like I said, I just uploaded this, so I am not sure how well it will work. But I think it is important to state your plan to increase traffic (briefly) and show confidence in yourself.

I think its really hard. Especially consider that with the best UI that facebook has even with facebook groups the nature of people these days is to lurk and leave.

So your site will not get the traffic of facebook nor have that slick UI I am guessing that costs thousands and time to get right.

So its really hard and for me the same. If anyone wants to cross generate with me im happy to do that. [I’m not avoiding any sitepoint markeplace thing here guys I’m not about to pay for this service relax…were just communicating and making the internet a better more sharing place your loosing nothing. and I dont think im breaking any rules you have:injured:]