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i recently started using push notifications on my site - can it effect my SEO for the good ? or perhaps the script will make site speed low and eventually lower my SEO ranking? what do you recommend long term?

If the push notification is not effect your site speed then please use it because it does help in long run

Do you have an authoritative source for that, @davidlee21071996? Surely push notifications are not part of the page content, and will therefore have no effect at all on SEO?

It help in generating traffic but not in seo. Suppose if a visitor opts for notification then when you add new content on your website he will be notified and hence he might visit your website again

Yes, that is true. But the question here is specifically about any potential effect on SEO, so please keep replies on-topic to prevent confusion.

Even more than ‘not part of page content’, search engine crawlers specifically don’t interact with the pages they visit, generally disable javascript as a whole, and most push notification services are 3rd party sites that wouldn’t be counted towards your own SEO, so I don’t think most would even register the fact that you’ve enabled it.

As far as the off-topic shard of ‘generating traffic’, they have to have visited your site and chosen to enable push notifications. They’re already traffic. It inspires loyalty and returns (or annoyance, depending on how you use the feature), but it can’t generate new traffic.


Well i made 2 tests with one signal and also a company who also monetize the notification called pubpush. though onesignal simply collect registration in order to get old users back when needed i saw with pubpush im making also decent revenue, both had no effect what so ever on my SEO though - so no matter what option you choose there is 0 effect on your SEO

Ok thanks for guiding me.

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