Pure PHP Face detection vs. Face regonition?!

I’m wondering which one do I need to use for my website recognition or detection? Here is what I’m trying to do:

I am building an online community that is encouraging the users to use their real-life pictures as their avatars (although not mandatory) I feel like this will build a better community. Anyways, I want my website to tag and attach onto the users original avatar so that when they post other pictures onto my website the website will automatically be able to tag and detect the user based upon their original avatar image. What would I need to do this face recognition or detection? Also how would I go about doing this?

A quick Google should help. :slight_smile:

That helped but there are just so many programs that I just don’t know which one to choose I’ll keep at it though!

You likely need both. Detection is the process of detecting a face: it tells you where, or if, a face is present within the source image, video, whatever. Recognition is the process of recognising a face: it tells you to whom the face belongs.

Face detection and recognition tools have been written utilising PHP before, but it’s hardly standard to use it for such tasks. If you’re really set on having such a feature set as part of your community, then you’ve got a heck of a lot of reading to catch up on.

I’ve decided to take your advice it is not needed I’ll stick with the name tagging though.