Purchasing Personal License for use at work?

Heya all,
After some investigation I want to use MixItUp 3 for some client projects that the company I work for, will sell.
However, we have 2 front-end devs(me being one) and I am confused how the personal commercial license will work. I don’t want to buy 10, when only I use it. Can I buy a personal license, use it at work and the project be legally covered for my company will sell?
If I only install it on my computer, and I use it, will my employers be safe?
I’m not exactly up with the law, any advice is appreciated.

For reference from: https://www.kunkalabs.com/mixitup/licenses/

“Personal licenses are intended for use by freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietorships, and are not intended for use by businesses employing multiple developers. If you are purchasing a license on behalf of a company with multiple developers, we ask that you purchase the appropriate business-orientated license.”

This may answer my question, but wondering if this is out of good faith, or legally binding?

Thanks very much

Hi ben111 welcome to the forum

From the site’s “Guidelines for Support”


If you have a question related to the suitability of one of our products for your project or organization, the contact form on our website may be more appropriate.

Have you tried asking them?


Hi and thank you!

Yes but no reply :frowning:
Was wondering if anyone has had a similar query in the past, but possibly a long shot!

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