Puphpet.com redesign

I haven’t been over to puphpet.com in a while but to my surprise the entire design has changed. Is it just me or does this new design look like something that was conjured up by a 4th grader with Photoshop. I don’t mean to be negative but it just looks terrible in comparison to the old one. I can’t be the only one who thinks this. Maybe I’m just being over critical… it is the functionality that counts, right.

Wow… you weren’t kidding.

I’m not sure I like it. The navigation being on the left makes it super weird for me. As that navigation is more of a wizard (or it used to be). Now I have to click on an item on the left, fill out the details on the right, and move my mouse back to the left to click on the next item.

There aren’t even any buttons to go to the next section at the bottom of the page after you fill out the details! :frowning:

If the navigation was on the right and there was a button to advance you to the next section, I really think it would flow better. At least it would for me from a usability standpoint.

And let’s not even begin the horror for keyboard users. Most of the elements (such as, choosing which distro to setup) are unreachable via keyboard. :frowning:

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I see they finally removed that hideous background… which is a start.

The offending site:



Usability, accessibility, progressive enhancement … jeesh, dude, those things are so yesterday. Get with the program, man!

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