Pulse Telecom - any reviews?

Recently, I have received a telemarketing phone call from a lady who stated she works for the Polish Department of Pulse Telecom, a new phone company on the market. She also said they have low rates to call Europe and a very good connection. The conversation was in may native language which is Polish.
She gave me her phone number to call back if I decided to sign with Pulse Telecom. Shall I call her back? Do you have any reviews for this provider?
Thank you.

STAY AWAY from them! Horrible customer service. After the Haiti earthquake we started calling in Haiti as my father was there. We made more than 5 attempts each day starting from January 13. When I received my bill I was SHOCKED!! All our attempts have been charged even if we didn’t talk (lines were and still are for the most part down!) We had several 1-minute and 2-minute calls on the bill for a total of $20. When I called the customer service the representative was rude and aggressive. I asked for a supervisor, she rejected it at first than the supervisor came and didn’t even let me present the situation. No word of sympathy, NOTHING. In Quebec companies gave free calls to Haiti after the earthquake. I was charged for failed attempts! I will make an official complain and go to the media about it. This is definitely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. There are plenty of other companies much better on the market. Don’t waste your time and money with them.


It looks like you work for one of their competitors…
Pulse Telecom is a company provider like many others. I am with this company since 2 years ago because they have a very good plan: $24.95/month with unlimited phone calls to USA, Canada and 15 European countries.
The connection is also pretty good and I never had billing issues.
So, I don’t have reasons to complain.


I find it funny that every time someone complains about this company there is a post from a new user that is either a threat or an advertisement.

For me, it’s obviously this Pulse Telecom has satisfied customers, that’s why they reply.
Esticunervii, would you please give me some more details about that $24.95 plan? I’m very interested. tHANKS.

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