Pulling Video from a Site

it is never a guarantee, but as i see it you are left with only 4 options, where two of the options seems very remote for you…


  1. sniff the url(s) and use rtmpdump
  2. sniff the stream, filter it, save it and rebuild it.
  3. use a screen recorder
  4. nothing of the above. just continue watching it as you have been doing.

I have been using camtasia studio from techsmith for many years, and it can do this. but it’s a little expensive at $~300. but you have camstudio which is free, and a couple of others too, to help you do this.

I suppose I’m going to have to use a screen recorder <sigh> I thought it would be possible to pull the video from the site but it appears that they have almost guaranteed that this can’t be done.

Download Helper is another (via a google search). Whatever tool you use, make sure that you have the permission, rights, etc to download whatever the video is.

I doubt that will work, I have a similar FireFox extension that doesn’t work and I’m sure they are aware of such tools.

Thanx anyhow :slight_smile: