Publish to Facebook

Hello everyone,
as you see, vBulletin allow your comments Publish to Facebook after you replied.
But I have a custom mod for my forum, and I want to my users Publish their comments to Facebook too .
How can I do it?
Thank you so much !!!

Well what sort of mod are you using that disables this publish feature? We would need more information about your specific situation to help out here.

This is it, when you reply to that thread, your reply will also push to Facebook as a status.

No one can help me?

You would have to work with the Facebook API to do it.

no option with forum to post same comment on FB . you have to work with FB API or some 3rd party Script for same.

Hi rahul,
thank you for your reply, I think I get it now, I really have to work with FB API, there are expamles on FB developers but I dont know which one is.
Can you have a look on it?
Thank you so much!