Psychology of Colors and Non Profit

Hi there,

What can be the best color for a Non-Profit web-based app/website? I searched the internet and came across one such good page.

But that did not make much commentary on nonprofit, which color can be suitable for Non-Profit, which will be a donation or Patreon based website/app online.

Any insight will be highly helpful, decision making & thought-provoking, and brainstorming.


Depends entirely on what you are promoting.

Generally, to receive donations I think an “emotional” color scheme would be more suitable than “industrial” or “professional” colors.

Though my two cents could be worthless. :wink:

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Hi there @Erik_J

Yes, Yes, but according to you which colors will fall under those categories?

Your contributions are never worthless.

Our new book (4th edition) on web design might help you. It has some great chapter all about color.

Check it out.


Thanks for providing such links.
This seems to be also available free here →

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