Pseudo-classes (l v f h a)


What’s your method of remembering the :link :visited :focus :hover :active order?

Before I read this I had my own vulgar method of remembering the order of these pseudo-classes which I shan’t fully repeat here (Love V F Hot A - you can guess the rest), but my wife heard me mumbling it with her back turned and spun around expecting to see me looking at explicit material. I think she was more shocked when she found herself staring into lines of CSS code.

I like the SW one in the reference, but I’d like a new one so I stay above suspicion. :shifty:

I don’t have one but just tried to make one up. I couldn’t stop thinking about sexual ones thanks to you!

OK, here’s one.

Like Vinnie, Fred has Anaemia

Love Vegemite? Friggin’ High Auzzies!

I had an Australian roommate once so I am allowed to b*tch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Livid visigoths flatulate hot air