PSD to wordpress tutorial

Does anyone know a good psd to wordpress tutorial? A more up to date one, I saw some but they seem to be 2009/2010 and I’ve read that WP has changed a whole lot since 3.0. Can I follow the old tutorials and adapt it to the new WP?


Do you have any knowledge/experience doing PSD to HTML?

If so, HTML to Wordpress is fairly simple for someone with knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc… Check out the following URL:


Thanks, yes I can convert psd to html…I’m able to do html/css, thanks for that link :slight_smile:

Not a beginner’s tutorial, but the Free SitePoint book THINKING WEB VOICES OF THE COMMUNITY has the chapter “Successful PSD to HTML Freelancing” that you should find interesting.

I hope this helps,

first convert PSD to HTML/CSS, Then update your theme by placing HTML/CSS. This will help you