Prove It-Online Javascript Test. Any Experience?

Hello all. I’m trying to get ready to take an online test for a potential employer. The test is hosted by a company called Prove It and it’s for JavaScript. Anyone out there have any experience with this or anything like it? Any resources, practice tests or examples out there? Any info would help.


You mean, that you’re creating an exam to test their Javascript skills? Something like codeschool type of thing? Although in this case, more than teaching, would be testing

No the test is premade and he’s wondering how hard it is or what to expect.

It’s for his potential employment.

I haven’t seen that particular test.

The last JavaScript test I looked at that was intended for use by employers was a multiple choice test where several questions were so out of date that the correct answer wasn’t even listed and other JavaScript basics were not even covered. That site is currently updating their test based on my feedback.

The one before that presented JavaScript code and asked you to update it so that it would do something specific. It was a more advanced test that worked quite well for testing knowledge of the particular areas of JavaScript that it covered.

So there are both good and bad JavaScript tests being presented for testing people’s JavaScript knowledge. Without actually taking a given test it would be difficult to say whether it is a good one or one that is badly in need of updating.

Thank you very much for your reply. I’ve been using Javascript for years. I’m very confident in using it for everyday web site-building instances, manipulating the DOM, forms, menus, etc. But I’m a bit apprehensive about taking a test that involves situations I normally haven’t found myself in. Sort of like the tests I’d get in school that were designed to trick you or require you to follow some twisted logic just to make sure you are paying attention and following along. It’s been a while since I had to take one of those and hated them then. Oh well. We’ll see. I don’t have a good feeling about it from what some people have told me about these sort of tests.

Check these out - try your luck with these.

Thank you so much. Will do!

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