Protecting web-displayed presentations created on a Mac

Hi all,

I’m after some ideas for how I could approach a project please.

A client of mine wishes to base part of their new site on a subscription-based model, where customers subscribe for a certain length of time and then have access to the area in which educational presentations are kept. They would like to use Adobe Business Catalyst (originally they wanted SquareSpace but I advised them to go for BC as I think it’s more capable and customisable in general and they want quite a bit of functionality included).

Main requirements:

[B]1. They want to create their presentations in Mac OS.

  1. Some of the presentations (the ones in the secure area) should not be downloadable in order to stop unwanted distribution.[/B]

The client currently uses Apple Keynote. Possibilities: exporting Quicktime (massive file-sizes for MOV format?), exporting Flash (has to use old version of Keynote, doesn’t support all features/transitions?).

Are there any other presentation creators that would suit being accessed via the web better?

Many thanks for any insights/suggestions you can give.

Right - more thought required as to what I end up recommending/discussing with the client.

It’s more the direct sharing of the product with other people by their customers that they’re worried about.

Not really, unfortunately if you start trying to impose restrictions on usage, it’s only ever the legitimate users who suffer. :frowning:

I would just leave it O’Natural and put more energy into filing the takedown notices when people swipe it from their website (which will happen).

Probably not (in terms of presentations) however I would give up the idea of preventing distribution immediately, it’s impossible to protect content online.

Using techniques to try and prevent redistribution are easily broken past and unfortunately you’ll only end up hurting the legitimate service users :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Alex.

I understand there are always around content protection, but it’s important to this client to do what they can to prevent sharing. If we were to end up displaying Flash-based presentations, I understand they could be restricted to only play at the domain, for example.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again.