Protecting contents-how?

well i think saying “i will protect 100%” is impossible in the modern age depending upon the user(or his/her knowledge), who is trying to take away any data.

Offcourse, one is legal things which can be imposed to protect things.Imposing copy rights and all.
but beside that
what can be best way to impose programitically to make life difficult for copier,scappers,embedder etc.
some current techniques we have seen:
no right click:well in firefox developer plugin,i think user are one click away with it…ie just disabling js …then all protection gone
embeding thing in flash and password protecting swf:first problem seo,2nd things become quite heavy for the users,sometime difficult to manage design.
simple embed inside page or players:Pople have been cleaver enough to peep into html source code or even modern download manager have been more intelligent.

so we have some textual data and mp3 songs to be protected.
i have thought of
creating images for textual data using GD:
problems-slow for users,SEO problems
Embeding mp3 inside flash
Difficult to manage and create

so what can be best techinique to make things atleast difficult through programitically.
offcourse, all site visitors will not be computer experts.

any technical barriers we can impose.


No right click scripts encourage theft as does anything else you do client side in the web page that supposedly provides “protection”.

The two most effective ways to protect images are:

  1. lower the resolution as far as possible and then embed a watermark in the image itself.
  2. Place it as a background behind a transparent GIF image. Most of those who right click and save will not discover until a lot later that the image they got wasn’t what they thought and many will not bother to come back.

To protect text you need to abandon HTML completely and use a PDF instead. You can then turn off the ability to copy the text (and other content) out of the PDF. Of course you can’t prevent them just copying the entire PDF.

Neither of these approaches prevents someone taking a screen print to get the content.

Using File/SaveAs from the browser saves a complete copy of all the source files for the page to that person’s computer where they can pull out whatever they want. With Netscape 7 that option even converts any obfuscated content back into plain text.

Whatever technical things you impose mean that you automatically block anyone without the right technology from being able to access the page at all. Those completely blocked will be a far greater number than the thieves you’d get without the blocks in place. The number of thieves with the blocks in place would also be higher due to those who would take your content just to prove how ineffective your block is at stopping them.

Basically anything visible in the web page is already on their computer and technically they can do with it what they like.

You are best off relying on copyright etc for protection as those are the only ways that work.

thanks for reply.
I agree.
We are entering a data using our human resource from few days
and with blogspot and kiddies site running here and there we are afarid our data may be copy pasted by other sites which will result all our efforts to vain.

we may not be that worried about them screen printing our contents as it will be never near original contents but copying actual text and giving it fancy design ,they can take our visitors away and may be rank higher than us in google(irony truth)

i am thinking of generating image for users and showing text to search bots but that would come under cloaking so dont know what to do.Plus generating jpeg for each item may dry out resources or atleast take higher resource.

We have found the copy right things can get really tricky with different geographical location.We may need to transfer many documents,the defination of the copy differs according to geographical location.
Many freehost site running.
so we are saying all these because we have seen many sites stealing our contents and running sites ,most of the time some kiddies and sites…
we report one,the other emerges…

so dont know what to do


Easy solution. Do not put it online. Anything else is just a waste of time a resources. Those who want it will get it no matter what you do. As for putting text into images: OCR versions built into Windows and Office.

So the people pretend to be searchbots and then they get the text. The useragent field that people use to determine what their visitors are using is actually able to be set to anything at all in IE or Firefox and so setting it to identify either browser as a searchbot is trivial.

You know that …but everyone who surfs maynot have that knowlegde and information.:slight_smile:
i also have been saying minimizing or making things difficult…i am also saying it depends upon knowlege of the person who is trying to take that data… and there is nothing like 100% safe…
otherwise there would not have been anything called hack and crack

More than php i think it is becoming SEO question now,ie am i allowed to show different content to user (ie image version )
plus many people may not be aware that different things is being showed to searchbot…

have nothing to say sir :smiley:
It just like saying “you must have to die one day,then why to live or grow children”
i think php gd will be ok for me but rather than generating each time user visits ,i think it would be better to generate image of text code at the time of adding contents…

any way thanks
and hoping to get some response…

If I hit a site, that prefer “protecting data” over data readability and usability, I’d quit this site immediately and leave you with your precious data alone. There are always some competitor site around.

No data can be goods to sell but a service.

Bad idea…what of those who require larger font sizes?
Even I require the ability to enlarge fonts when it comes to reading large articles.
(FYI, I am relatively young with good eye sight.)

I’m heard this comment before, and have always sided with learning how to control your web browser.

The View menu has text size controls.

if you don’t want the menus, you can use Ctrl + Minus and Ctrl + Plus ro change the size, with Ctrl + 0 returning you to the default page size.

Have you enlarged an image filled with text? It is very unpleasant to read. Even more so when the text is a large article. The OP is thinking of putting all text content into images.

FYI, I know how to resize text.

real competitor competits with the competiting party rather than stealing competititors property.
Plus if you have run big sites,you would know,bigger the stealer is,easier for you to file a case,make comments about steal which will degrade their reputation,so the good competitors or big companies wont streal any one’s data at first place.

If they are impressed they will do the same thing using different technique or in some other way USING THEIR RESOURCES.

Plus we dont make site for competititors to come in our site and not only take away idea or take away our precious data.
Rather we make our site for the information of the general users who has not intension of republishing it for commercial purpose.(there are many such users in internet world)

If you plan to visit some one’s site and take away data and setup your own blogspot or share it using rapidshare host in name of competition,our site never needs visitors like you.
We would rather try to block your ip :lol: just a plan, how it should go…

I am not talking of competitors. I am talking of fair users.
Fighting imaginable competitors, you re fight real fair users.
I am, being user, would quit your site. In sake of your competitor. Who will take care o me, not of his data.

whats about generating 2 images with different font size (that replicate text with white background) ?

by the way i know this is not good thing to generate image for it.
but this is just case like “cow dunk may be considered better than human ****”.

We know ,it would have been wonderful,if we were able to leave those data as text but if we do so,we will soon have around 30-40 blogspots site running with the same content with in some months,as it is informative for many…(we have such an experience)

so we need to do something and we dont see better option than that for now.

If we manually generate image ,will be much cumbersome.

Plus as said it is not big companies that are stealing our data,these are small kiddies opening website for adsense and all,so if we can make things difficult for them,we will achieve atleast something which is better than nothing


Frank I think your best option is to create your content, put it up, prove that it’s yours by US Copyright if you like (You can file $35 for protection as a literary work), and file a DMCA anytime you find duplicate content – find out by looking up your Google Analytic search results or something.

I dont think its possible to encode/obfuscate real text because it has to be humanly readable since it’s text alone.
I would also not want to visit a site with image as text and weird things going on lol

Sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face. You’d make the site harder to steal from, but harder for legitimate users to use as well. Competitor sites with your stolen content may cost you 10% of your traffic, while the loss of search engine positions and annoyed users might cost you 60% of your traffic.

Completing a DCMA take down request isn’t too hard. If you do it a lot you can reuse much of the same email for further breaches. I used one once to have content removed from a site hosted on GoDaddy, and it solved the problem pretty quickly.

If you look at all the really successful web sites you will see that none of them have implemented any form of protection in their pages.

Those that tried to protect their content drove most of the real visitors away by doing so.

Of course the really successful sites are also quite prepared to threaten legal action against anyone who takes any of that content.