Proper permissions for phpmailer folder?

Hi, apologies for a naive question. My task is to enhance a very old small website with email capabilities and I chose to use phpmailer. Being mostly a front-end developer, I don’t have tons of php hands on experience and have very basic understanding of how to put website back-end together . The architecture of this site is a complete mess (used to be a Joomla site converted into static html at some point, no package manager tools, etc). It seems that I can just drop phpmailer folder into public_html/incld (i see a couple of php reusable pieces in there) But I am concerned whether this is the right thing to do. The tutorials that I see mostly say “install” php mailer. Could someone clarify for me what are manual installation steps for the site on shared hosting, where would be a recommended location of phpmailer (or other php addons for that matter), and what should be proper permissions for phpmailer folder? Thanks in advance!

When I use PHPMailer, my “installation” consists of plonkng the PHPMailerAutoload.php, class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php files in the root directory of my site. :slight_smile:

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