Promotion through social networking

I have heard that many people are doing promotion from social networking sites. Is it really helpful? Hoe does it work?

Plz give some explanation regarding this query.

betty1, Please read through some of the threads in this and the SEO forum, your question has already been answered! :slight_smile:

Promotion on social network is the next big thing, and it completely satisfies both the promoter and the customer. It’s effective, economical and efficient.

most of the time people are in social networking sites so promoting there might give you a better chance of selling your stuff. but always follow proper etiquette tho coz you don’t want people unfriending you :slight_smile:

Social Media is a great platform to build up relationships and nurture them over time. It’s not about hard-selling. It’s more about engaging, bringing added-value offers to your followers/fans/readers and spreading the word. It’s a sort of word-of-mouth process but through the use of the new technologies.

I have been attending several SEO and Social Media Conferences over the last year and experts really leverage the use of social media for customer-relationship matters. They say Social Media is becoming a major asset for all types of companies, in all sorts of industries and that ignoring the impact that this can have over the market sphere is a mistake. <snip>

Also, I just attended a webminar on the internet that talked about the advantages of using Facebook and Twitter to grow your business. Here’s the link


Good luck!


I think you know this " Relationships Matters" This is what happens in the social networking! In social networking you need to focus on credibility then you will see the real benefits!!

Yes, I will start focusing on social networking sites more…I was hesitant in starting out.

social networking sites are very helpful in promotion of your site because social networking sites has millions of users like faceboook, twitter etc, so doing promotion on these site means u r promoting ur site to million people

If you have a very big community or group ,You easily spread your site’s URL to various people. Your site will be more popular when people know about it through any media. So its very effective.