Promotion/Marketing Template

Does anyone have a template they use (and are willing to share - or describe) to keep track of the sites, forums, etc they use to promote their site. E.g. as I’m browsing I come across a number of sites, blogs and forums that should be part of my daily routine to help promote my site, but keeping them organized isn’t something I’ve done well. Just curious how others have done it.


This is something I’ve often thought I could use myself but haven’t gotten around to doing just yet.

I would think a simple word or excel document would be enough to get started with though.


Yep - just seems so common I figured why reinvent the wheel.

For sites that I have to log-into regularly, I have an HTML “portal” page, which contains a table of all my daily sites. Each one is a link, which links directly to that site’s login form with the username and password already hard-coded into the href. So - I just click on the website link and - voila - I am in.

If you want to make it more sophisticated, you can write your own management tool.