Promotion by articles

Hello to SEO community. :slight_smile:
I suggest to unite our knowledge and to tell each other some secrets.
Talk about promotion by Article!
You and I know more free article derictories. But the majority of catalogues of articles - a sediment. They have low PR, low trust and harm SEO more than help.
So, I have understood, that it is better to send article in 4 good catalogues, than in 50 bad. Therefore I have created the small list of very qualitative resources where it is possible to place article and to receive good links.

At the list there are websites with PR4 and more.

BEST article directories (which I know):

So I have listing of qualitative resources but I don`t know what is name :slight_smile:
This resources such as

If someone will have a making qualitative websites you may share it, I will be very glad. I ask to not spread low-grade resources.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very interesting! I`m reading now! :slight_smile:

here you go –> link bait


“link bait” - what is it? Tell more please :slight_smile:
I didn`t understand what do you mean.
Awaiting your response.
Thank you

Thank you! I understand. May be you know qualitative, trust and PR services such as squidoo? :slight_smile:

When done properly, articles you post on syndicated article sites can then become “link bait” for your other sites.

The word “linkwheel” is a term they called when your are optimizing website using article marketing and with links connecting to each of the articles. It is illustrate like a wheel.

Have a look at this picture.

There are several ways and technique in linkwheeling the picture above is one of those strategy.

For me article directories and social networking sites are best for SEO, based on my experienced it really generates a great traffic to your site especially when you are going to do it in linkwheels.

And if you promote a website without blog? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I know English not good. What does it mean “linkwheels”? :slight_smile: