Promoting photo collections

I’m a computer programmer who’s stumbled on a really cool way to make photo collection sites on a cost-effective basis, see

Now the question is getting an audience. I’ve made a few other sites like this, some have done better and some have done worse. I’m now starting to think about (i) what can I do to be more consistently successful? and (ii) how do I do it in an economical and scalable way?

I think I’m doing OK in terms of classical SEO, but I’m sure I can do better. I

've really seen some content do really well in some social media venues and other content just totally fall flat and that bewilders me.

I’m much more interested in towards moving towards things that are more in the direction of PR and publicity and aimed at producing “high value” links that send measurable traffic (and lots of it) rather than getting lots of crummy links that (maybe) add some WhateverRank to your site and (maybe) send you some traffic (someday) I have to admit that I find that that kind of relationship building is a lot of work and it seems like, man, you can spend forever drilling dry holes till you finally get a “score”.

Anyway, even though I’ve got a handle of some of this, sometimes i get intimidated by all the choices I have, and I really want to keep my efforts focused on things that add to the bottom line. Any thoughts?

sounds like you are on the right track, but for now just work your way up from the bottom you never want to turn down a quality link that could bring you some traffic. You never know when you will be the guy that turned down a link from wordpress or digg because you thought you were too good. These guys are kicking themselves right now.