Promoting a speed dating event via Twitter?

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to Twitter and still haven’t quite got my head around it. I’m promoting speed dating events and i’m interested in using Twitter to drum up some ticket sales. Is it possible to search for single males/females in a specific area and automatically friend them? Is there software out there that does this? How many tweets should I be doing per day? What sort of content should they contain? Links to articles/news/videos etc? Discounts for the upcoming events?


One piece of advice I can give you is to focus on hashtags. They are the easiest way to get your content to the people actually searching and interested in it. Try to tweet at least twice a day. As for content, they should be centered around your promotions or articles of interest to your potential customers. Whatever you decide, be sure to stay consistent. Hope that helps!

Try to tweet when you know people are on their free time, like lunch time or something. Also try and filter to local places or people, if its for local dating that is.
Geoffrey had it right though, as long as you stay consistent and continue with relative content for your tweets you should do well.

lol. yea. just create a new hashtag and engage other tweeps to folllow your hashtag…


use your hashtag to promote your site/dating site so it can be usefull for you to get new member for your dating site :slight_smile:

I work in Internet marketing and promote many dating offers. Promote your offer with hashtags in the evening when people who don’t want a date are looking for a dates for best results. Do it a few days before. You can target on Twitter on location. Maybe try hashtags like:


I never promoted dating offers on twitter, but it’s a mixture of finding the right hash tags and tweeting your offer at the right time.

Also, incorporate copywriting techniques on your tweets. Remember - you are competing with other tweets so it is good to get their attention quickly.

I completely agree with you about using the hashtag but i think tweet time in a day is not enough to approach the right people.