Promote site with Fan page on Facebook

well i think the facebook fan pages would just get you some portion of the traffic and my experience says taking off fro the fan pages is to much of asking, unless you are prepared to throw some money around on contests and other stuff.

To generate fans in our Facebook page is not easy and it takes times and effort to generate the fans. There are people offer buy fans but personally find this is not a good way of doing so. The “fans” might eventually drop out after some time and our fans will drop again.

Personally think that the company has to speak the brand itself. When the brand is well-known, fans will automatically come. By the time, the company management need a person-in-charge to handle the facebook page.

Theirs a two-step approach to using Facebook to promote your website. The first step is to get as many Fans as possible to visit your Like page and give it a Like. Second, as the number of Likes builds you start sending as many of those Fans as you can to your website. The main point to remember about Facebook is you need to be interactive and engaging with other people. Post good quality and relevant content on a daily basis and Facebook will reward you with more traffic to your site than you thought possible.

I’m amazed really, when I browse around at the many business fanpages I find on the Social Media giant. I’m not amazed at the number of pages or their quality; I’m amazed at how UNUTILIZED most Facebook fanpages are by their administrators. People just aren’t using their fanpages properly, and those same people no doubt frequently wonder how to boost website traffic.