Promote a new online store like ebay but with another niche

Well I am working on a project in a company. But our problem is that we do not know what is the best way to promote a store especially in the first stage. Because in the first day of launching the site will not have content (content is provided by users). Maybe there some way to fix this. We think to try to bring big amount of traffic from social media, but I am not sure that it is enough.
Any Ideas?

The niche is electronic gadgets and the market is Europe.

Thanks in advance!

Promoting a store at the first stages can be achieve through social media marketing.

  • Facebook Marketing - Run paid Facebook ads and engage with your audience.
  • Google+ Marketing - Build a community and engage with your fans or possible customers.
  • YouTube Marketing - Record professional original videos and market them on YouTube to gain an edge in your competition.

Twitter can also be used at the early stages.

Hope that helps!

Thanks you for the ideas.

Just Keep in mind what’s actual choice, exact needs of European people while doing keyword research and then start the all activities of SEO. I am totally agree with Kronomia because SEO or Adwords are not just enough to get unique results. I think, you can get better responses organically also if you try other activities like Email Marketing, PPC, TV Ads, Article Marketing, Autoresponders, Newsletters, etc.

Facebook ads and ppv would work great i think

Thanks you: jay_ & rogerdrego