Project Sign-off document

Does anybody know how I should format or what to include in a project sign-off document? Does anybody know of any templates online?

I found some examples here:

Project Completion Signoff

<Company> Website Redesign
Project No: <No.>

I confirm that I have reviewed and approved the design and development of the (client company name) Website as designed by Aesthetic Studios, and presented to me on (date).

I accept and acknowledge that modification to the approved design, as detailed, will incur additional charges that would then be negotiated with Aesthetic Studios. I confirm that the Web Development project is now over and the contract between (client company name) and Aesthetic Studios has been fulfilled.

I further acknowledge that I am the client for this web development project or an authorized representative of the client.


Aesthetic Studios <Company Name>

(signature) (signature)

(Print Name) (Print Name)

Date: _ Date: