Project management and Wordpress

Has anyone integrated project management into Wordpress?

I have a client who has requested a site which allows work associates to communicate privately with his staff on current projects. My first thought was to suggest he open a Basecamp (or other PM service) account. But I’m interested to know anyone else’s experience integrating PM into Wordpress.

The solution would have to be secure, so I would want to be very confident with the performance of a free or open source app/plugin before recommending its use.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Dan. I am familiar with the Wordpress plugins directory, and I have looked there already.

In fact, what I’m seeking is people’s experiences (if any) with project management integration and what they’ve used.

Probably because people working on WP rarely manage projects long term just shovel sh*t out the door a forget about it. Basecamp sounds like a good recommendation. Unlike WP its actually designed from top to bottom to achieve exactly what your client wants. Using WP for your clients requirements would be like using Basecamp as a blog. WP can be anything but only because it throws a bunch of meta data into a single table completely eliminating the purpose and advantages of using relational database in the first place.