Project idea to use Python, Perl, PHP, with MySQL and Apache on Linux


I am looking for some idea for a small to mid size project.

What i am looking for is a project which is a web application (but not making any kind of fancy ecommerce, cms, paypal-shopping etc.) that help Linux administrators in most of their daily life routines. So for this i am looking for ideas. I want to use PHP for the web interface (but looking forward for using Python/Perl if you suggest.) and use the scripting languages such as Perl/Python (because PHP is good but it cannot do all the things) to find different information in the system. Also it will be excellent to use MySQL Database for this (Right now i am not sure where is should use it but really looking forward to it.)

So kindly suggest me your ideas/opinion about this.

I am really excited to hear from you :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


For linux administration I would go with PHP or Perl. Probably PHP better if you need to have better UI.

Thank you for the suggestion of using the PHP language for the UI, It will be nice if you and all other guys also give some idea of the main project