Programming vs IT as a future profession?

Hey everyone !

This summer, i finished high school and now, i’m going to enter to the University and continue studying there. studying in university starts approximately in 1 month, so i have a little time to make decision about “problem” i’m talking below. First, i’ll start talking with this phrase - "Everyone wants to have a job that he/she likes the most of all and earn some money with this job. Of course, the university takes a big role and helps you to make a good career in your life.
Generally, from childhood i always wanted to have a job that includes working with computer ( doing some serious tasks…not only typing in Microsoft Word Document:D ). So, Computer Science field will be sufficient faculty for me i think. As i found out, there are 3 main directions in Computer Science’s faculty in the university.

They are:

  1. Microelectronics and Robotics;

  2. Programming;

  3. Information Technologies;

As you see, i have really serious decision to make about my future career. I need to find out which of them is more close to me. Could you discuss what do those 3 professions take care about ?

Thank you in advance !

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That’s a hard one since only you know where your heart lies.

How about this. If you could choose to do one task what would it be?

A. Create a software application for healthcare
B. Invent a time saving gadget
C. Manage a large web server hosting facility

I may have an advantage, but I was never shy about approaching a program head to schedule a type of interview discussing the program. (My preference over the school’s “guidance counselors” though you may prefer them instead)

Every one I talked with were more than happy to provide information and answer my questions and concerns.

They won’t bite, and if they did I probably would steer clear of them :wink:

Hi bluedreamer ! and thank you for your response, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:
You know what, it is hard to say so easily because i might be wrong. :X It depends on practice and experience to each task, to be confident when choosing those tasks. don’t you agree with me ? And if we say so easily then i think i would choose task A or B. (A - 60% B- 40%) But i don’t have any experience at all how they work…
OK, then i ask you guys which profession is referred to be as the most perspective one ?

What I was trying to do is see where you heart lies :slight_smile:

Forgetting the ability to do any of the 3 items (you can learn any of them) which one would most interest you?

I have already said that i wish i had a job about working with myself. I think i would go to A. Create a software application for healthcare.

I’d say go for Computer Science if you like programming. I guess examine each degree courses and pick the one that has most programming courses. My guess is Computer Science for that one. Back 10 years ago, we called Information System as Easier Computer Science degree as it had only couple programming courses. Upon graduation, I’ve seen many IS taking programming jobs and they suffered due to lack of programming experiences. Most IS degree people tend to focus on climbing the corp ladder to become project manager and later earn MBA degree to have a chance to become the big wigs.

For me, I can’t stand having meetings all day as I find zen while programming. Don’t think that big wigs make more money then developers. It was common that project manager gets a lot more then programmers but trend is changing due to high demand of talented programmers. These talented programmers make anywhere between $100~300k a year. Good luck!

That isn’t helping the OP at all. They already made that decision. What they were asking about was which of the three options within Computer Science to take.

Right :slight_smile:

Ok so going by that then going down the Programming route might be your focus? I realise this isn’t a scientific method but I’m just trying to prompt you into thinking about it a bit more deeply by looking at options and possibilities!

It’s also worth noting that general programming skills would also be valuable in your other two choices as well.

At the end if the day we all have to make life changing decisions like these, sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong. If you dwell on it too much you’ll never make a decision, be brave, follow your heart and jump to what feels right.

I would agree with bluedreamer…find your passion out of those three THEN study it to the nth degree.

I did exactly that.

I started studying computer science.
Got a job as a mainframe computer operator.
Got my 2 year programming degree.
Continued as a computer operator.
Started a 4 year school to get my Accounting degree.
After graduating I became an IT Auditor.
After 5 years I moved to Network Operations (the good ole LAN & WAN days)
For 2.5 years I was a security consultant (my unemployment years)
Now I work at a university maintaining a robotic system.

I have programmed in VB, Pascal, C, Cobol and mastered Assembler.
There’s not a job in IT I have not done in 36 years (yeah I’m an old guy)

I love computers.

Find your passion, chase it, study the heck out of it, master it and BE HAPPY doing it the rest of your career.

Good luck!