Programming to music (need suggestions!)


What are your favorite tunes to code/design to? I’m in need of a playlist overhaul. Something that I can put my headphones on and get lost in my inner matrix. I’ve been listening to mostly trance/techno blends, like Celldweller.

The Ozric Tentacles :wink:

The entire Rise Against playlist on Youtube (90+ish songs).

I like to stream mixes from Soundcloud. I like to listen to mixes from Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Rodhad, Sandrien, etc.

I find I work best with music without words, otherwise I find myself wanting to sing along, which can be distracting… My current music trends are the piano guys or 2Cellos.

Yes! Though I’m at the point now that I’ve been running sound as a hobbyist that I can block out any lyrics.

My wife actually makes fun of me for this, as I’ll name the song just by hearing its guitar solo, its intro, or any musical only component of it (regardless of how short it is).

She’ll just look at me and go “seriously!! how can you possibly have know it was that song?!?”. My playlist is purely songs that have sounds I like, I have no idea what their lyrics are (well, some I might), but mainly, I like the guitarist in this one, the drummer did an awesome hit combination in this one, the bass as a sweet sound in this one, etc. From violin to piano to guitar, I leave no instrument out of my playlist.

Illusions - Thomas Bergerson

Love this to program or write with.

Here it is on YT (no video, just audio on still)

I liked it so much I bought it and put it on my phone so that I have go-to concentrating music. When trying to concentrate, I also listen to a lot of soundtracks, techno, classical, etc - anything without words.

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