Programming for a Member site

I was wondering how sites like facebook or dating sites are programmed. Sites that has people signing up and being able to create a customized profile for others to view on their website. I was also wondering around how much it would cost for to pay a freelancer for a project like that.

Anyone who has experience with such matter, please share.


thanks geniegate for the advice. What you said makes a lot of sense and it was really helpful!

I don’t think those are really freelancer projects. You’d want someone around all the time, probably someone who has a personal interest in the success of the project.

Things will go wrong, and you’ll need to be sure that whatever you use can be extended for future enhancements to remain competitive.

I don’t know about the back-end, but I believe the front-end of FaceBook is currently done in a c-like rendition of PHP. They’ve created a tool that’ll convert PHP into C and then compile that. Their stated reason is that it’s easier to find PHP developers than other languages.

I say “is currently” done, because the day it’s actually completed is likely the day they close the doors and go out of business.

okcupid was done (at one time anyway) using C++