Programming and playing music

What do you think a programmer who plays a certain music instrument? Will you hire the guy, since programming and music is two different thing? Programming is logic and music is art. But I agree if a web designer plays music too.

You can definitely do both! I have artistic and logical aspects to my personality.

depends on the instrument

a programmer who plays the bagpipes is not coming anywhere near my systems

I will definately hire him/her. Such multitalented people are helpful in many ways and do things smartly. I have seen many such people.

There really isn’t as much difference as you think. There is a strong correlation between a musical background and ability, and the ability to perform logically (ie mathematics, learning a new language and then, probably programming). This has actually be shown to be true in educational studies.

I really can’t find where is the problem. If it’s good as a programmer does it matter if he also plays music or has any other hobbies as well? :slight_smile:

Well if they were playing the musical instrument whilst programming it might be a bit annoying :shifty:

:lol: @ bagpipes

I personally like programmers who are creative. Creative programmers often solve problems in ways others would have never considered. And since most musically talented people are also somewhat creative I think the fit works well… Of course I might be a bit biased. I play guitar and sing AND program. Sometimes all at the same time :smiley:

why not combine this two skills? i love to create programs while playing my fave song… and for a break a little games online…


I don’t think there is a great programmer who is great in music /art.

Solving programming problem needs logic not creativity. Programming uses your left side brain, while music uses your right brain. If you have balance between left and right, I think you are not very good in programming and in music/art.

Can a good PHP programmer do a good artful PSD design too?

one man can had two talents… not a problem…

But that two kind of skills are very different.

I agree that designers and developers don’t mix, they have totally different approaches and I’ve yet to see any perform the others job to an equal extent. :slight_smile:

lol, what would prevent you from playing an instrument if you are a logical thinker. Unless you are doing music professionally, its perfectly to play music as if you were playing a sport, just hand eye coordination.

Hand eye co-ordination? I guess you don’t play an instrument, it’s much more than that… you need creativity (to avoid doing a carbon copy from the music sheet) and more importantly you need a sense of rhythm… a lot of people are tone deaf and have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever and therefore making such claims that it can be done is rather silly. All of which you need to be able to master the opposite side of the brain from logic, math and complex thought (as opposed to creative) :slight_smile:

I create programmer and design webpage in my previous company

Are you doing a great work on different field? I can also design although I’m a programmer, but I have to admit I’m a lousy designer.

Personally I would never hire a programmer that played a musical instrument, it’s just not natural.

I would also never hire a programmer that wasn’t a virgin, because anyone who’s ever had sex is obviously not geeky enough to be a good programmer.

:lol: I do hope that’s a sarcastic remark :wink:

I play music all the time. I play piano and guitar - both of which I practically taught myself, and attend acoustic nights at a local pub to keep me busy. I’ve been playing piano for about 8 years, and guitar for 6 months. The theory from piano certainly helped guitar, and I’d say my standard in both is fairly good.