Programme List to Learn Php (for Learning Php cores)

Is there any list of programmes that one can build one after another so that he can learn PHP because we live in an age where there is so much information and we often tend to be information paralyzed.

The best way is I guess is to build small PHP programmes. Can I get a List of all Php Programmes between 5-10 in numbers that can help me master core PHP concepts?

I suggest you start with an address book. They can be very simple and scaled to a more complex application.

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I didn’t get it completely. Is there any example?

I not too sure what you’re getting at with the numbers - 5-10 what?

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Depending on what you mean by “core concepts”, I’m afraid if you’re hoping for 5 to 10 example scripts that will get you to master level for core concepts of PHP you’ll be disappointed.

If you mean “basics” then after you read up on the documentation a bit I think just about any script would test your mettle.

If you mean “everything that PHP can do” because PHP can do a lot of things, I suggest you learn what you need to know when you need to know it. (IMHO security and database would be good to include, as well as filesystem) There is no way 5 to 10 will cover everything.

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To get a more targeted response, what is your objective for learning PHP? What is it you intend to create with it?


Randomly chosen number; with that number meant that 5-10 different programmes, short ones, that can help me larn core concepts.

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I agree 5-10 was a just random number; Nothing specific.

High-quality WordPress themes and plugins: very secured → so that user can rely upon on what I will be building in future.

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Can you give me some assignment on this with some examples to browse?

If you don’t have a dev environment set up on your computer yet, a good prerequisite assignment would be setting one up.



Already done that.

Have you tried a physical book?

Jumping from tutorial to tutorial on the internet is no way to learn anything. Tutorials on the internet should really only be used to solve a specific problem not learn the fundamentals of a programming language.

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Actually, I am not a naive. so looking for a practical workshop(apprenticeship), but I will appreciate if you have some books recommendations.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend learning PHP. PHP jobs are drying up and companies are moving to a service layer architecture with JavaScript driven front-end. Those service layers are typically running on Java or .NET. You will be much more marketable learning those things rather then PHP. I don’t say that lightly because I’ve been programming in php for ten years professionally. Custom software isn’t being built in php anymore. If you want to maintain a bunch of WordPress sites then perhaps learn PHP but otherwise I would recommend learning a language that is more marketable now and into the future. I’ve been looking for a job the last few months after having resigned from my last one. In that time I’ve come to see that the below technologies are the most hot in market.

.NET or Java
JavaScript (MVVM frameworks: Angular, React, Vue, Ember, etc.)
HTML/SASS (obviously)

I would focus on those. Starting from the bottom up.

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Try watching David J. Malam’s Harvard Lectures, he is brilliant :slight_smile:

The lectures also cover numerous other computer related subjects which may be of interest.

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This is why I asked the question:-

The answer being:-

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I have worked with Adobe for 17 months, but I left I don’t like working for someone. Neither I have a high pitch career like a degree in engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard so that I am going to become a CEO of Adobe in next 10 years. I didn’t want to waste my life in the lot so decided to quit.

I could have ended my whole life as an average guy in a lot so decided to follow my intuition, vision, and passion.

Neither I am planning to create next Amazon or google :grinning:, but I am moving in baby steps. Gradually things will unfold with time. I think I have some good sense of the markets and online marketing. Let’s see how things work for me in next couple of years.

Those two things contradict one another. Wordpress is the very definition of average in this industry. Nothing great will come from learning to maintain and churn out WordPress websites. You’ll just end up in a sea of under paid and appreciated individuals all doing the same thing. Competing with off shore workers for work from low quality clients. The value in this industry is learning to build web applications from scratch using modern technologies and methodologies.

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