Profiting from a FB group?

Hello all.

I set up a Facebook group about 6 months ago which now has over 20,000 members. I have been told that although it’s again FB’s TOS, I can either sell the group or sell temporary links.

Does anyone have any knowledge or advice on this please?



would be good to know what the subject topic is
is the group for your business or just a general group

here are general ways to make money from a facebook group

  1. Find an affiliate program from a well known brand i.e Amazon
  2. Allow people and companies to submit adverts for stuff they are selling for a fee. They submit to you and you post them on the group wall
  3. Collect all the information on the subject of the group and write ebooks which you sell to members of the group
  4. Start selling things that your audience may like using a facebook shop with shopify or something
  5. if its your business market your products to them discretely

Hi Thanks for your reply.

The group is a weight loss support group for people who have 5 stone or more to lose.

Would I approach companies such as Amazon direct?


yes you approach the amazon direct

I’m also including the niche of the members within my FB group. The more closer to you, more sales.

This is very cool that your newly group get many members so you can now sell this group and get many but the best think is that you can keep this group by marketing your stuff in this group.

Exactly, it’s better for now to stay with that group. Try to make more followers and then decide

I’ve known people who create pages around a current trend of some sort then sit and wait for offers to roll in. Whether it’s against Facebook policy or not, it is done and some people have made thousands of dollars from this. They’d use Paypal for the sale, then hand admin rights over to the person that messaged the page with the offer.

Alternatively, you can create a site of your own that has good content based on the theme of your Facebook page then line the margins with advertisement and each time a new entry goes up, link to it from the Facebook page. This is perhaps a more legitimate way of monetising your Facebook following.

Then, as mentioned, there is a Facebook store but this can be a bit daunting as there is a bit of work involved using the Facebook API, Facebook apps and iFrames etc.

I’d recommend the second option as this keeps you in control of your page. Your followers won’t be disgruntled that you’ve sold your page (which is usually obvious) and if the number of followers increases, you’ll get more traffic through to your site, more ad views and potentially more click-through on those ads.
If the ads are targeted towards the weight-loss theme you have, the more likely you’ll get clicks (hence more revenue).

I have also a Facebook group with 700 members. Any body help me how i use this group to start earning.

Actually you can approach online shopping websites or any such kind of E-eCommerce ventures for advertising on your page. This a kind of money making.

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