Profile Photo Upload

I thinking to create a option whereby a user able to upload photo to their profile in a website.

When a user upload a photo, a folder with the user login ID can be generated inside a root folder “C:\wamp\www”. In other words, each user will have a folder store their profile image, folder name will be the user id.

This is my first project on PHP and I am not sure what I have thought of can be possibly done. I will need some aid and guide to move further. I will appreciate and make full use of any references given here. Thanks in advance.

File uploads can be tricky and there are a few gotchas to watch out for, the best place to start is the manual page – the common pitfalls is especially well done.

Be prepared to write off a day in reading this section fully, make sure you understand all the principles involved, and work your way through the examples until you get where you want to go. Come back if you have specific questions.

Thanks for that. I take my time to read the manual and I will be back here if I have questions. Many thanks.