Profile background for facebook?

Is anyone have information on how to make profile background image in facebook? Please do let me know of it with detailed information.

Waiting here.

Colin Forster

I don’t think you can put a background on Facebook (I’m assuming you mean like you could on MySpace and Twitter).

You can change your profile photo which will show as a larger format image in the left corner of your page but you can not set a background. There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not Facebook will move brand pages to a timeline-like format with cover art but that’s not clear yet.

You can not have a background image on Facebook at this time. It is only a profile pic. that can be added. Also note that the timeline transition is in progress on personal pages. I also have not heard if the transition will involve brand pages. I suppose since the personal Facebook pages will be transitioning to the time line over a span of weeks or even months than users will have to wait for that roll out to be complete before any decisions on business pages are announced.

I have found that the best way to make a profile background is to do it yourself in Photoshop or another graphics program you have.

Take the photo that you want to use and just cut out the background and replace it. Personally I find it’s best to just use a colour gradient.