Professional Website

I want to know , how to design a Professional website.

I want to find such resources from where i can find material related to design a professional website.

From where i can find it. :goof: :rofl: :lol: :rolleyes:

Learn how to use Illustrator/Photoshop really well. That’s my best advice for you.

Not to start the same brouhaha as has been thrashed out in these pages time and time again, but a professional designer needs to know not just PS/Ill, but HTML and CSS for sure, and it’s nice to know JavaScript and/or PHP also. I know it’s obvious, but this is the “Just Starting” thread… :slight_smile:

I know nothing, the information here is insane, even in the beginner thread…

You can find it by searching site related to you profession.Then anaylize its its features and drabacks then prepare design for your site according to your business.


you need to know photoshop to design the layout and after that you need to convert it webpage with html and css.

coz if you have knowledge of html and css then you know what all is possible in html and css otherwise you might create a layout thats not easy to convert to webpage.


Sorry but most of the information here is misleading, you do not need Photoshop or Illustrator to build a website, the only people who claim that are individuals who really don’t understand the process of web design. Websites are not dependant on some model doodled in an image editor, they are dependant on the underlying code like HTML and CSS (possibly JavaScript) and it is those three languages which dominate most of the design decisions you will make. If you want to understand what makes a good website I would read a usability book like Don’t Make Me Think! (Steve Krug), Designing Web Usability (Jakob Nielsen) or even The Zen of CSS Design (Dave Shea). You want to be able to balance the beauty of the design with the importance of the content and the usability and accessibility of the design and code which restrains that content. Perhaps even check out Smashing Magazine (, It’s one of the better web related magazines. :slight_smile:

Alex, I tried to post a similar post to yours (i.e. “you don’t need PS to create sites”) but the post never made it. I suspect evil elves.

Leon Paternoster and I have been having a similar conversation on his blog.

Strange, I’ve had similar issues in the past where posts I’ve made have disappeared into the ether without warning, there must be some gremlins loose in the system :lol:

A good site will still be usable (albeit with a few more clicks needed) even when javascript is disabled or unavailable.

u try visit this site . I’m sure u get what u looking for dude

I must say the question has potential. What does a professional website look like?

Or, like always, has “professional” devolved to mean any whim the designer (and developer) cares to indulge themselves in …on your dime?

In less infuriating terms, what are the parameters of “professional?” Do these parameters change for a variety of industries, or is it whatever looks like a TemplateMonster special?

And should users get a vote?

One component is credibility. Does it really matter what you say if you are not credible? The Web Credibility project compiled a list for credibility factors.

Do you know what they are? Does your web designer? You know, most don’t.

This is just one element of a professional web design which can be reduced to some basic principles. There are others, like message-to-market match and visual merchandising.

This is a web DESIGN thread isnt it? Not useability or coding…
I would recomend learning photoshop first… Not becasue you need to use it, you can easily design with lotrs of other graphics packages… but becasue you will end up using it in the end as it is the best package.

Start as you mean to go on!
Yes… youll need to learn HTML / CSS, but even if you build your sire without graphis, as a beginner its nice to lay it out in a design program first.

You might try installing wordpress and then using a professional theme on it. It’s not the most “professional” way, but it’s a good way for starters!

a professional theme on it.

Yes, but only use themes rated 7 or higher on professionalism.

I would recomend learning photoshop first.

Because it has that professionalism slider in the “Make Web UI” dialog. Again, never set the slider below 7, 'cause you want a good dollop of professionalism. Don’t set it all the way to ten, or someone might ask you what the word professional means in terms of design.

Yes this is a WEB design thread, not a graphic design thread. Making a pretty doodle in Photoshop could make you feel better but it certainly has no bearing on the construction of the website, just the graphics that get embedded in it, which are of course nothing more than flourishes in the case of mock-up’s. Without the code or a usable interface what you have is nothing more than a painting, something which cannot be navigated, browsed or is fit to be put on the Internet. The content and construction of a website is much more important than how pretty it looks, professionalism is measured on the way a website presents itself in how easy it is to navigate and how relevant the information is, not how shiny and tacky it appears, if people wanted a mind melting display of fairy lights they could just use Flash. :slight_smile:

Lack of aesthetic can be equally related to poor hygiene. No one wants to do business with a hobo. A site should be dressed to achieve its purpose just as a person should be to achieve theirs. Anything else is going to directly impact someones implied reliability, security and trustfulness of the associated person. In that regards design is much more then just flourishes. In the end, its a way to manipulate and ultimately gain someones trust. Summarizing design as flourishes brings to question understanding of design as a whole and level of respect for a very important part of the web industry.

Start by going to and click on HTML . After that procced to CSS , Javascript and finally PHP . Thats enough to build prof. websites

no, it is not

Fine a little photoshopping / Dreamweaver skills . And thats enough for professional websites .