Professional slide show software?

Hi all,

I want to make a professional presentation out of some photographs of our products…

I want to make something like this:

Want kind of software do designers use to make these kinds of beautiful transitions?

I know this can potentially be done using Adobe Flash, but something tells me there is a plug-and-play alternative that gets things like this done on the fly.

Looking forward to your input!

I’d check out There are a lot of ways to generate slideshows but they all have their quirks. It is hard to suggest anything too complex if you are just starting out. Animoto is a good one stop shop.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. However this is too simple… Its not what I’m looking for. :frowning:

I can’t think of anything too but animoto. you can browse all their pro versions if you want. Besides, a professional slide video does not necessarily have to be complicated.

I believe that if you want to really master and control the details of your presentation effects then Flash is the way to go!

Flash is a good program if you are outputting to web, but if someone asked me to produce that replica watch video, I would much prefer to do it in After Effects. Not a trivial thing to learn, but a good tool if you are outputting video.

What are you outputting to? Web or video?

If it is a web page, there are a number of pretty easy to use jQuery slideshows that do stuff programatically. They are pretty straightforward to use if you have a general grasp of the method.

Something like that would be appropriate for video editing software and/or post-production video editing software, not photo slideshow software.

The closest thing in the slideshow world is probably iPhoto on OS X, but I haven’t used it so long, I’m not sure if you can do animated text in current versions of iPhoto.

I create a lot of slideshows and have created a website about photo slideshows.

I have reviewed a slideshow program called Photo to Movie that I like and created a sample slideshow at the end of the review.

Here is the address:
Good Luck

Turns out the guys that made the video used Animoto, just as mentioned in the first reply.
Here are my results:

Very nice service.

good job dude…thankful to you for this post and all others for their contribution because it helped me a lot. i was in search of such sort of easily tackled software with excellent output…

That was a nice video. It’s not I’m really a big fan of animoto but their videos are really cool.