Products not clickable


Take a look at this page:

The main content in the middle contain products. However i can’t click on them, think somethings being placed over it?

This site was done some time ago so coming back to it after a long time :smiley:

Any ideas?

Haha! :lol:

Thanks for that Ralph!

I will keep that in mind from now on, hopefully it should save me loads of time…


Given that I use it, you be sure it’s simple! :smiley:

Click the bug icon at the bottom of the viewport and you get to see the HTML under the hood. Click the arrow next to the divs and other elements to work your way down the hierarchy. As you hover over each element, it is highlighted in the page above. If you hover over the Content div, you see that it stretches full width. Then you see in the right panel that its CSS is position: absolute. Then you smell a rat! (O, hang on, that’s in my roof. Sorry. :lol: )

Another very handy FB feature is the element selector. Press F12 to open Firebug, then click the icon beside the bug (blue box with a pointer). You can then click on any element in your page and it will show it in the DOM/Markup.

Lol i have got firebug but i’m not quite sure as to how it’s used :confused:


You still haven’t discovered Firebug? :wink:

The right column really should be inside the Content div. Content is positioned absolutely and sits over the top of the right div.

A simple, kind of hacky solution is just to reduce the width of the Content div:

[COLOR="Red"]width:206px;[/COLOR] /* was 935px */
padding:0 0 35px 0;